Rest in the Bulgarian resorts of Nessebar and Devin

Did you know that one of the most ancient cities in Europe is located in Bulgaria? Emerging as a Thracian settlement almost 3200 years ago, today Nessebar attracts thousands of tourists not only for its beautiful beaches, but also for its history. Part of it was declared an architectural and historical reserve of national importance, today it is under the protection of UNESCO.

If this year you decide to go to the Black Sea coast, then Nessebar is an ideal place for a family vacation. In addition to the beach, every day you can visit one of the sights of the city and learn about the heritage left to us by the Romans in this place.

The old name of Nessebar is Messambria. The city originated as a Greek colony, located on a peninsula 850 m long and 350 m wide. Thanks to the preserved monuments of different historical eras, the Old City is included in the World Heritage List.

Only on its territory there are only 23 churches, and in the past there were many more.

Sights of Nessebar worth visiting.

Old Mill

This is one of the most iconic places in the city, where many go to take a photo as a keepsake. Perhaps you do not know that this mill did not work in the past, but was built simply as a landmark. Now it is part of the hotel, located at the beginning of the city.

The mill is located on the bridge connecting the old and new towns. There are benches where everyone can sit and watch the sunset.

Messembria Fortress

It is located in the Old Town just behind the windmill. It is believed that here the oldest doors that have survived to this day date back to the 5th century BC. After the Romans captured the city, they continued building the fortress, which today is one of the symbols of Nessebar.

Archaeological Museum

You can’t help but enter the Old Town and see this landmark. Inside, you will learn more about the history of Nessebar, and if you want, you can get a guide who will take you to other main sights worth visiting.
Remember that the museum is included in the "100 National Tourist Sites" and can be very impressive you in a pleasant way.

Ethnographic Museum

Another place to go after the archaeological museum. You will reach it by walking along the neat streets of Nessebar. It is located in a house built over 150 years ago.

In it you will learn interesting information about the life of people in the city.

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