Well, "one and a half meters of life" in front of the cabin))) Well, and the appearance. Those who like "Americans" will understand me without words. Of course, it will be more comfortable to ride at 4-5,
when the front seats are separated by a large armrest with drawers and cup holders, this is the folded back of the third seat in the front row (the same can be done in the back). But, unfortunately, my own financial resources do not allow me to become the owner of these beautiful cars. But we need to return to reality and admit that this car is not for our country. And with such dimensions, it is problematic to find a parking space, to put it mildly. The steering is very precise, with good feedback. 06/08/2011 I’ll start by confessing my great love for American cars. Yes, and you can stuff whatever your heart desires into the body – the dimensions allow (floor length 2484 mm, width 1587 mm, side height 533 mm). Engine power (367 hp) is more than enough for a huge full-fledged pickup truck (length 6571 mm, width 2436 mm, height 1953 mm, base 4242 mm) to have the dynamics of an average sedan. The only good news is that the GM concern unifies the Silverado spare parts with all its jeeps, so there will be no problems with maintenance even in Russia (you only need a powerful lift at the technical center, or a pit). And if you put a canopy and order a "trough" of the body, you get a very decent bedroom. Just as big as these cars made in the Land of Opportunity (that’s probably why they’re so big). In such a chair, you do not get tired after driving all day! In general, the entire interior is made for a person to relax behind the wheel. And the accelerator and brake pedals are quite informative – in any case, my car did not behave like an unbroken mustang. On the road, the car feels very confident, and you can’t say that it’s "American" – there is no roll and wiggle that occurs in jeeps (for example, Chevrolet Tahoe) at speeds over 110 km/h. To be honest, the language does not dare to call these seats armchairs, because each of them is wide enough to become a sofa in a couple of three centimeters. Even with such dimensions in city traffic, you maneuver calmly (you get used to the car for a maximum of 10-15 minutes), which is facilitated by huge external mirrors. On the one hand, this may be due to the fact that the curb weight of the pickup truck is 3036 kg. In addition, a very solid load capacity – 2135 kg. Nevertheless, I was very lucky and on official business I periodically manage to ride this wonderful unit. And it is called the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD. which is responsible for safety! Airbags for everyone and everything, ABS, all sorts of other gadgets. As huge as these very cars, produced in the country of Great Opportunities (on. Although it “feeds” on diesel fuel, a 120-liter tank and a consumption of 35-37 liters per “hundred” in the urban cycle make holes in the budget very noticeably. If necessary, with a simple turn of the switch on the dashboard, you can turn on all-wheel drive and downshift. I recommend the rest to go to Chevrolet’s "native" website and see photos and videos of this giant – impressive even on a small monitor, not to mention reality. A full drive and a clearance of 241 mm allow you to feel confident on any type of road surface. "sofas.

Chevrolet Silverado tips

I’ll start by confessing my great love for American cars. In its homeland, this copy costs $ 44,020, which turns into almost $ 100,000 when it enters the Russian Federation, and officially such miracles of technology are not sold here. transmits torque to the rear twin wheels, hidden in the protruding arches of the rear fenders. But the rear dual wheels and the "cargo" (harder) front suspension setup also have a positive https://cars45et.com/listing/hyundai/santa_fe/2020 effect.

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